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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Jason Zweig writes for the Wall Street Journal about intelligent investing and other financial topics.  He wrote a quick piece about questions you should ask an advisor.  I wish I’d had this list when I was engaging an advisor several years ago.  To save you a little time, I’m answering them ahead of time.  If you’re shopping for advisors, I strongly recommend you ask them all these questions.  If you’d like some help with the meaning of any of the questions (or my answers), please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Based on my research as an MBA student, I believe passive, index-based investing is the right approach for the vast majority of people and circumstances for their core investment portfolio.  If you prefer a primarily active investment policy, you should seek a different advisor.

No, and particularly not over a period of more than 2-3 years

As a passive investor, I recommend rebalancing once a year, perhaps twice a year.  Rebalancing may also be needed to adjust for a life event, such as a windfall.

After all expenses, compared to an average of highly similar assets that includes dividends or interest income, over the short and long term.  If you wish to see investment performance that is also net of any sub-advisor fees, please contact me.

I have an MBA.  I have held management accounting and auditing credentials in the past.  I am actively pursuing what I consider to be the benchmark financial planning credential.  I have completed the education requirements and the exam, and plan to complete the other requirements in early 2024.

Equities on average have historically returned between 9% and 10%.  Inflation consumes 2-3%, taxes perhaps 3%, and fees less than 1%, which leaves 3-4%.  This is why I believe strongly in lower cost investing philosophies and why I advocate for saving early, often, and preferably in accounts that grow tax-deferred.

I do.  I use the same methods I recommend to my clients.