Financial Life Planning for people under 55

What's your enough? Let's define IT!

Together we will design and implement your financial world to enable your vision.

You don't have to keep up on everything, yourself.

You have good incomes, live (or want to live) modestly, and seek a lifelong problem-solving and advice partnership, to finally get your finances in order.

Is your financial picture starting to outgrow your capacity (and let’s be frank, your interest) to keep up with all of it?

That’s where I come in, I help you navigate financial transitions (both the ones you plan and the ones that sneak up on you): moving, renting or buying, graduating, children, new jobs, your second job. I know the questions are endless; I’m here to help you through them and shape your financial plan to support all those transitions.

I am a fee-only, comprehensive financial planner that incorporates appreciative life planning to unearth your concerns, transitions and desired future. This is not a one time thing, this is ongoing education, coaching and planning designed to build your emotionally intelligent plan and keep it tuned year round as your life changes – because it will change.

This is how I can help you

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a collaborative process. This ongoing service develops, implements, monitors and adjusts your comprehensive financial plan over time. A comprehensive plan can take months to develop, and it’s a living document from that point on, to be adjusted as your life changes. A comprehensive plan includes education, advice, guidance and specific recommendations on the full range of financial topics. 

Investment Management

The Plan Comes First, Investing Supports It. I prefer to manage your investments to properly support your plan. This ongoing service manages and invests your portfolio of investable assets. Your comprehensive financial plan produces a personal investment policy (how you want your money invested). I implement that policy using primarily Passive investing strategies. Investment management services are only available to current Comprehensive Financial Planning clients. 

James Hindes

Founder of enow financial

This is my second career. My first covered technology and corporate finance, where most problems have black-and-white solutions. Now I combine trust, empathy, and flexibility with financial planning skills to help you realize more intentional outcomes. 

I live with my amazing family in Portland, OR. I studied English Literature (I’m a fan of the humanities), have an MBA in Finance, and of course I’ve also completed Financial Planning education.  

I love reading, Spotify is on a lot, and I believe in the power of live music. I might ask you about performances you’ve seen. Other constants include coffee, the dog, the ocean, and fitness. 

I’m fascinated by how and why we make our choices, large and small, every day. 

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