It’s your plan, not mine

I’m here to advise and support you

It's all about you

You’re in control of your life. I never force my clients to do anything they don’t want to do.

I’m available whenever you need me, whenever you have a question. Life doesn’t generally wait 3-6 months for an appointment.

I will always adjust my planning agenda to your priorities, to anything new or urgent you want to discuss.

I won’t let you leave our conversations unsettled or unsure.

how does it work?

Our approach integrates life planning with financial planning. We’ll define and design your unique version of “financial success.” Within this framework, we develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your values, priorities, and life goals.

It typically requires 4-6 meetings across 3-6 months to get to a full draft of a comprehensive plan.

Following delivery of an initial financial plan, we generally meet with you between two and four times per year to understand any changes in your circumstances, review your plan and progress, and adjust and refresh the plan to reflect changes in circumstances.

it all starts with just a call

We’ll get to know each other and explore whether my services are a fit for your needs.

Get Started
This first meeting - at no cost to you - provides you insight into the approach, because we'll actually start the process.
Meeting 2
Your Goals
All the insights and visualization come together in this highly interactive session to define and prioritize your true goals. We’ll tie off any loose ends with your data for the financial part of the plan.
Meeting 4
The Rest of Year 1
We’ll meet regularly to ensure that we’re implementing your plan and monitoring your success. We’ll develop your Investment Policy and I'll manage any changes that arise.
Year 2+
Meeting 1
Insights, Values, Satisfaction
The qualitative collaboration continues in this meeting to drive out insights and begin to develop a vision of your future.
Meeting 3
The Plan
The qualitative pieces converge with the financial in this collaboration session on your full plan. We’ll confirm all the key elements - your values, vision, concerns, goals and more.
Year 1
The Future
You’re a pro now, but things change, don’t they? We’ll meet 2-4 times per year and continually manage the plan and respond to the transitions and changes in your life and goals. I’m always available.


Financial systems are unclear, complicated, and they change all the time. You can chase the information for days – it’s all out there – but it’s cryptic and too plentiful. I will help you sort through choices clearly, with insight, and without jargon.
What are your values? Can you name them? Does your money life support them? I will get you to a place where what you do with your money aligns with what you say is important.
I will help you define your meaning of financial independence, then I will help you get there. I’d love to help you get there faster.
Should you pay off this loan first or save more? Should you save more or invest more? I will help you sort out the decisions and take care of first things first.
I like doing the numbers and the planning. Maybe you don’t – so many reasons. Let me do it for you.
I will teach you (not lecture you, shame you or judge you) about the details so that you can build your comfort and confidence around your money. I will help you learn as much or as little as you like, but I will insist that you know enough to make informed decisions.
Can you buy a Sprinter? Can you quit your job to become a letter carrier or a park ranger? Can your family spend 3 middle-school years in South America? If it’s not possible, I’ll be honest with you, but if it is possible, I’ll show you how it can work. Then all you need to do is decide.
Many of us (all of us?) grew up with taboos or discomfort around money. We sometimes feel ignorant, ashamed, or simply anxious. Bring. It. On. You talk, I listen, and we make some real progress.
You’re busy. I get that. I will coach you, remind you, sometimes pester you, and generally help you keep your promises to yourself.
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How I charge

I believe in simple, transparent costs. I am a fee-only planner. I do not receive commissions from products, nor do I accept monetary or other compensation for referrals. 

I offer financial planning and investment management as a combined service. I find financial plans are typically implemented more successfully when I am helping you invest according to your plan.

The cost is simple: $4,000 per year for an individual, $6,000 per year for a couple, for both services.

That cost is billed quarterly, in advance. You can pay via bank account (ACH), credit card, or from an investment account.

I believe in Passive Investing strategies and use experienced third party portfolio managers in some cases.

Even the best laid plans often go astray, and that’s a good, living thing.

What do you think about that?